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Solutions for Waste Problems provides one stop solutions of waste management including waste recycling in order to reduce waste production in Indonesia especially ends up in landfill

Our Product

We are focus in mid stream scope of work and how to process waste into useful products cause we understand society needs proof of waste end products value.



Building Material &
energy resources

Our Story


Everyday we generates a tons of wast that making difficult to recycle and end up in landfills also into the ocean. Society’s lack of awareness has made more than 90% of waste did not recycled and integration system did not full worked. We want to mold the life style of up cycling where the ideas of recycling able to create a new ecosystem into our daily life style and needs. 


It safe for everyone


Reduces the amount of waste

100% Natural

eco-friendly for the earth

Our Workshop

let our earth be more sustainable

Eco-friendly products are products that are not harmful to the environment. These are products made from plastic waste and all-natural ingredients. They also come in recyclable compostable, or biodegradable packaging.

Our Story

What People Say
About Us

A product that enhance creativity and sustainability, creating a new upcycling products that fit for the market
Excel Yochanan
Buy products means contribute to saving the earth from plastic. Saving earth and saving your cost to build your aesthetic home
Iwan Prabowo
Start-up company in midstream level that deliver solutions over worldwide problems. Marvellous!

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It’s high time for all of us to consider our footprint and ability to reduce the waste and its effects on the environment.